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Character Creation

Creating an optimized character for Mobile VR (MVR)
using a single scan

CC3 character recommended export settings:

  • Head and body separate

  • Use mouth open as blend shape - removed jaw from animations

  • Combine clothing to one UV

set up character in CC3

1. Setup your Character using Character Creator 3

1.1. Create a base CC3+ character using the following link to their pipeline instructions:

2.  Export your character to Zbrush

2.1 Import scanned model into zbrush

2.2 Sculpt character to scan model

2.3 Move teeth and eyes to new location

3.  Import new model into CC3

3.1 Clean up geometry

prepare vide performance footage

3.2 Make sure its topology is symmetrized before export (edit mesh, mirror)

01_DDH Character Creation Doc 1.3.jpg

4.  >>

4.1 Create textures, fix seams

4.2 Export character (for Mobile VR) - for Unity or Unreal (bone system)

4.2.1 Separate head from body -export settings

i) delete hidden geometry

ii) Option - Separate eyelashes from head (If needed to

separate)- export

4.2.2 Combine clothing together (UV and geometry)

i) Export (Instamesh LOD, Type)

01_DDH Character Creation Doc4.2.1.jpg

4.2.3 Combine body together (UV and geometry)

i) Export (Instamesh LOD, Type)

set up DDH template
01_DDH Character Creation Doc 4.2.3.jpg

5.  Combine separate geometry pieces together in Maya (keeping head and morph inputs)

Project Link

5.1 Import head (Import skinning and skeleton)

5.1.1 Reset blendshape animation to 0

5.1.2 Combine repeat materials (eye occlusion, eyelash, tearline)

5.1.3 Select Root node and create a bind pose

5.2 Import DDHHead and DDHMouth materials

5.2.1 Download DDH_Material File

5.2.2 Assign DDHHead and DDHMouth to Display Nodes

5.2.3 Delete unused materials

5.3 *Option for eyelashes (combine into head)*

5.3.1 Bake out blendshapes - convert to separate geometry

5.3.2 Unbind eyelash geometry

5.3.3  Create Eyelashes_Blendshapes for new eyelash geometry targets (Eyelashes_Blink and L/R, Eyelashes_WideL/R, Eyelashes_SquintL/R)

5.3.4 Skin Eyelashes geometry to CC_Base_Head joint

5.3.5 Connect (Eye_Blink and L/R, Eye_WideL/R, Eye_SquintL/R) to Head_Blendshapes (through connection editor)

5.3.6 Assign repeating Materials to similar geometry

i)  Repeat connections for Tearline and EyeOcclusion Blendshapes

5.4  Import clothing

5.4.1  Duplicate Clothing geometry

5.4.2 Bind

5.4.3 Transfer skinning to CC_Base_Head skeleton

5.4.4 Delete unused skeleton

5.4  Import clothing

5.4.1  Duplicate Clothing geometry

5.4.2 Bind

5.4.3 Transfer skinning to CC_Base_Head skeleton

5.4.4 Delete unused skeleton

5.5  Import body

5.5.1  Unbind geometry and bake positions

5.5.2 Duplicate geometry

5.5.3 Create new optimized UV layout (fill UV area) on new geometry

5.5.4 Using Transfer Maps

5.5.5 Skin new body to skeleton

5.5.6 Delete old skeleton

i) Transfer diffuse and normal maps to new UVs locations

5.6  Import mouth geometry

i) Smooth weights between upper and lower teeth ii) Assign DDH mouth Material to MouthMask geometry

5.6.1  Download Mouth Geometry

5.6.2 Fit MouthMask geometry to CC_Base_Teeth Geometry 

5.6.3 Freeze and reset transformations to origin

5.6.4 Skin MouthMask geometry to CC_Base_teeth01 and CC_Base_teeth02

5.6.5 Create Blendshape for Mouth Open and connect in connection editor

5.7  Clean up nodes

5.7.1  Morph targets- delete unused blendshapes

5.7.2 Make all connections for blendshapes (Tearline, Occlusion or remove)

5.7.3 Return character to bind pose

5.7.4 Set bind pose on Bone Root

5.7.5 Make sure mesh does not overlap

5.8  Export character into game engine

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