Cream can produce a digital double of your unique talent, or you can hire a performer to read your script from our cast of characters.


If you already have some of the pieces in place, such as access to scanning a booth, 3D artists, and game engine developers, we can provide the software solutions to produce the DDH avatar for your own clients. 

Cream is also an award-winning, full-service XR production house, ready to collaborate on your entertainment or enterprise XR needs. 


Talk to us about your project.

"The avatar process Cream Digital has created is truly mind blowing. The fidelity on mobile 6DoF is like nothing I've seen. Honestly I don't know how they make something so photorealistic run on mobile devices."

— René Pinnell, Kaleidoscope

"This looks freaking amazing!"

— Charly Fink, FORBES  

"Very exciting to see tools like this, helping indie studios make better digital characters"  
 — Kris Severson, Global Content Partnerships HTC Vive
DDH is created by Cream in partnership with Sheridan’s SIRT (Screen Industries Research and Training Centre) and is currently being deployed in two VR game builds: Survivorman with Les Stroud, and A Curious Mind with Dominic Monaghan.

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