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Integration into a Game Engine 

Before your character is made, you have to consider where your character will exist. The main uses for the DDH character are in realtime using a game engine such as Unity or Unreal Engine. Additionally, it could be used in a cinematic, linear context (non-realtime), in either 360 VR, 3D, or regular film. Altho this character works in any game engine we have been optimising it to function in Unity's URP. 

Realtime applications: Unreal or Unity?

Each game engine has a unique joint orientation and bone naming and setup that works with the rest of its tools.  While it is possible to retarget any skeleton into each system Unity or Unreal, it is easier if you to start with a  systems in mind.

Setting up your shader HDRP:
If you want to use Unity's high definition render pipeline
Setting up your shader LWRP/URP
If you want to use Unity's universal render pipeline,
for Quest.
Setting up your blueprints:
Setting up your state machine
Animation synchronization script 
This is an important script to get the video atlas to drive the animation FBX keeping everything in sync.
Basic texture set up
Live link set up: Unreal---Maya
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