Frequently asked questions

Can the DDH avatar do real-time performance?

The DDH avatar's performance is based off a video capture that is pre-recorded. The character cannot be puppettered manually, as it is a 'canned' performance. You can however combine performances so that the character can respond dynamically to input, and perform a series of predetermined actions.

What software do I need to build the character myself?

If you build your own character from scratch, you will need: - studio for capturing volumetric scan of your character - helmet camera to capture the performance of your character, if you need the character to perform facial animations Required software: .... Recommended software: ....

Can you build the character for me if I provide you with my scans?

Yes we can. All we need from you are: ... .... ...

What do I need to shoot my character with?

You require a studio, a 3D scanning environment, helmet cam, etc. for a full list of how to set up your shoot, go to:

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