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Digital Double of Les Stroud featured in upcoming "Survivorman VR"

A hyperreal VR survival game set in iconic wilderness environments - hosted by Les Stroud.

For Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and Vive

Survivorman VR “The Descent” is an intricate, highly interactive VR game that challenges players to survive dynamic, sophisticated, real-world, life-or-death experiences in breathtaking natural locations. Players are dropped into rich, interactive scenarios that put their intellectual, emotional, and physical skills to the test in a fresh new gaming experience that is firmly grounded in the harsh realities of true survival. Throughout the experience, players will be guided by survival expert Les Stroud who will offer his help, criticism or just mock you as you try to solve the survival challenges at hand… all before you starve or freeze to death.

Les Stroud's appearance in this game is made possible with the technology of DDH. The below demo is an early test of what the game would look like on Oculus Quest.

This VR game, produced by Cream Digital, will be the first of a series of episodes that take place around the world in remote, wild, natural locations. With little help (extreme level) or a lot of help (mild version) from the interactive Les Stroud avatar. The player will be left to figure out survival puzzles while racing hunger and the elements to keep warm, fed and to make it to the end of the game - and to rescue.

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