Authenticity at an Unmatched Price


The Dynamic Digital Human (DDH) matches the performance and image quality of expensive high fidelity avatars at a fraction of the production time and cost. DDH’s patent-pending technology combines animated 3D models with live-action facial video performance. Our avatars show all the fine features that make them look real without the need of GPU-intensive, high poly 3D models, or the large file sizes and lighting limitations of videogrammetry.  

Convincing, Natural Speech


Few digital human services or automatic animation tools show their digital humans speaking. Even the most detailed digital human can break the illusion with poorly synced speech. To us, speech is one of the most compelling forms of engagement and communication. Our digital human performs real sync speech with human expressions because it is real human performance. 

We are not afraid to show our characters talking and it Runs on Oculus Quest 

Lightweight, Mobile Processor Compatible


The DDH avatar is built to be as efficient as possible. At only 5MB per minute, it’s ready to run on 6DoF mobile processors such as Quest or Hololens. With only 30 blend shapes and 5 simple clusters for refined movement, our process does not need complex mouth bags or eye systems. The DDH avatar is much less processor heavy than a traditional AAA game-ready avatar and much higher fidelity than inexpensive "automatic lip-sync" procedural or DIY animation plugins. 

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